About Rhia Escobilla Balon

Immigration Consultant in Calgary, AB

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Rhia Escobilla Balon

Director,Onward Immigration & Employment Inc.

Rhia is a registered and in good standing Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant(RCIC) and a member of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants(CICC). She is an Authorized Representative within the meaning of Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and the Regulations and may represent a client before Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada(IRCC). Rhia has Immigration Consultant Diploma from Ashton College and Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Adamson University. As a licensed Immigration Consultant, Rhia is equipped with the education and latest knowledge about immigration laws, practices and procedures. Guided by her company's four pillars "Competence, Quality, Integrity and Service", Rhia is committed to helping qualified applicants immigrate to Canada.

Check membership at CICC Website: https://college-ic.ca/protecting-the-public/find-an-immigration-consultant